I am switching over from another channel manager and one thing that I will be missing is the ability to automatically send out an arrival form for the guest to fill out. Once submitted it will show the anticipated arrival and departure times to our cleaners, so it really helps them to plan their route for the day. You can customize it as you see fit, but these are some of the options:
How will you arrive:
• Plane
• Car
• Train
• Ferry
• By foot
Anticipated arrival and departure times:
• This will give the guest a drop-down menu to select a time. It will not allow the guest to choose to arrive early/late, outside of your designated windows, but as the host you can update it yourself if you approve it, which allows your cleaner to see it too.
Request guest’s email address.
Allow guest to input notes.
Create a custom question for guests to answer.
Request guest’s details:
• Full name
• Date of birth
• Nationality
• Country of residence
• Passport/ID number