The new custom messages tags is awesome. However I find it just short of fully robust.
What I would like is the ability to create a custom tag such as wifi, listing specific vrbo link, aribnb check in guide, etc on the listing then pull it into the broader custom tags.
For example lets say wifi. I have the ability to create a custom tag field named "wifi" this then shows up on each listing. I then fill that in on the listing level. This then is a tag that can be pulled in anywhere.
Otherwise I have to creat a lot of custom messages around just wifi.
Where it gets even more cumbersome is if is both listing specific and channel specific like
there is not way to do this without creating a custom tag for each listing (lets say I have a hundred) and then for each channel. That would be 100x4=400. However if I has custom message tags specific to the listing i could do it with 1 instead of 400