Airbnb pet fees
You can now add a pet fee to your Airbnb listings.
Property settings > Pricing > Charges & fees
Enable eSign Rental Agreements per booking site
You can now enable and disable the eSign Rental Agreement feature per booking site, here.
View a guests Stripe customer page with the click of a button
We have added a Payments table and a link to the Stripe Customer for all bookings that have a Stripe customer entity.
This link should make a lot of your lives easier as you don't need to search Stripe for a customer across potentially multiple Stripe accounts.
The Payments table is also very helpful as it shows the amount charged on Stripe. This amount may be different to the booking price if a guest's dates have changed, they've added extra guests etc.
Note: the payments table will only show charges processed by Uplisting.
Here's a video overview:
Guest payment plans for Vrbo
This has been a very popular request! You can now set payment rules for Vrbo. For example, take 25% upfront and the remainder 10 days before check-in.
You can set different payment rules on all properties if you need to.
Check-in message not sent if rental agreement isn't signed
The check-in instruction automated message was always blocked if a guest did not pay their security deposit. This message is now also blocked from sending if a guest has not signed their eSign rental agreement.
As with deposits, you can mark the rental agreement as signed if you need to override this setting.
Direct booking website request to book option
You can now disable instant book on your direct booking website listings and set them to request to book instead.
When listings are set to request to booking, guests are directed to send an email or call you over the phone.
Google Ads conversion tracking
Uplisting now supports Google Adword conversion tracking. Get in front of guests when they’re searching for accommodation like yours on Google Search and Maps.
How does Uplisting work with Google Ads
  1. Once you add your Google Conversion ID and label to Uplisting, all bookings originating from your Google Ads will trigger a conversion on your Google Ad Conversion.
  2. A conversion is only triggered when a guest successfully pays for their booking.
  3. Uplisting syncs the value of the booking to Google Ads which means you can monitor your return on investment.
iPhone app: error displayed when sending messages
Some members experienced an error message when sending a message to a guest on the Uplisting iPhone app. The message was successfully sent but the error still appears.
We have released a new version of the app that fixes this error. Update your app on the app store!
Google Analytics cross domain support
No scientific notations on reports
Some numbers in reports have been formatted in scientific (exponential) notation or have a number of decimals.
We have tweaked the export to always include 2 decimal places only, with no scientific notations.
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